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Sash windows

All our sash windows are bespoke double-glazed, draught-excluded copies of the originals where applicable.

A selection of our sash windows

How we work

Our windows are fully decorated prior to site arrival, and re-coated after fitting where necessary. Works include all making good, such as re-pointing to the outside brickwork and repainting to existing stonework as required. Any damaged interior plaster will be repaired and retouched if necessary.

All sash windows include solid brass lifting handles, a key-operated ‘fitch’ fastener lock and a key-operated vent lock. Polished and brushed chrome fittings can be supplied upon request.

Our approach to sash windows

Because the foundations of all buildings move over time, all old sash boxes are out of square, some more than others. For this reason, replacing solely the sash frames means that they must be made oversize and scribed on site to fit the actual trapezoid shape of the existing box. We do not recommend this procedure because it achieves negligible savings in cost and is more labour intensive and far less satisfactory than fitting a completely new box—the entire window has to be taken apart, which weakens the structural integrity of the window still further and necessitates complete redecoration.

We can make a perfectly square box and fit the sashes properly in our workshop prior to painting. Component parts of the windows are decorated prior to their assembly. This process enables us to decorate all parts of the window, even those which will later be hidden from view. By painting even those sections of the box which will be buried in the brickwork, we prevent the problem of old dry-rot spores (left on the brick from the previous windows) jumping into the fresh wood and infecting the windows from the inside. The result is a durable window which is produced to the highest technical standards and fully maintains architectural integrity.


Standard sealed units in our sash windows are argon-injected with a 12mm warm-edge spacer bar between two panes of low emissivity 4mm AGC Planibel Clear soft coat glass, giving a U-value of 1.3W/(m2K). We use high quality Siberian larch timber. Read more about our specifications »

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